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Creative Jump Rope Booklets


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Background: Here’s a fantastic idea that we have found really works well with our students. While the examples we are providing were designed for elementary school children, it can easily be adapted for middle school students as well!

- Basic and advanced jump rope skills provided by the American Heart Association. Please contact your local American Heart Association or your State AHPERD organization for more information.
- Teacher-made booklets
- Jump ropes

How We Did It: By using our school’s copying and binder-making machines, we were able to design two jump rope booklets. The “I Can Do It” booklet was used with our older students. This booklet incorporated individual jump rope skills from the American Heart Association. It was used as a personal assessment tool at the end of our jump rope unit.

The  Keysor’s Jammin’ Jump Rope Jingles and Coloring Book” was used with our younger students. They loved it! Our school’s Writing Across the Curriculum Committee also liked the way we encouraged the students to recite the rhymes, read them, and create their own rhymes to complete their jump rope jingles booklet. Each booklet was 8-1/2″ by 5-1/2″.

Note: These are examples from our “I Can Do It” booklet. The students will check either the “I Can Do It” or “I’m Working On It” box.

Note: These are examples from our Jammin’ Jump Rope Jingles booklet that we use with individual short or long jump ropes.

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