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Confetti Relay


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A fun relay activity for your K-1 students.
Submitted by Phyllis Rubin, Long Island, New York.

This is an interesting relay-type game for your K-3 students. Have your students sit on the outside of a large circle and divide the class into four to six groups. Each member of the group is also given a number.

Description:When a student’s number is called by the teacher, all of the students with that number will run to the center of the circle, pick up a beanbag, go back out through the spot where they were sitting and run around the circle and back throught their spot. The players then place the beanbag back into the hoop. Award one point to the winning group. Play until a group scores five points and then start again.

For your older students, use basketballs placed inside the hoop instead of the beanbags. This will allow the students to work on their basketball dribbling skills. You can also use soccer balls and challenge the students to use a soccer dribble to get the ball around the circle.

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