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Coney Island

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This simple game incorporates motor skills, arithmetic and strategy!  By Janis Watson


  • 1 hula hoop for each pair of students.
  • 3 cones for each pair of students.

Students accumulate points by tossing a hula hoop over cones. Each cone has a different value – 1, 2, or 3 points. The first student to accumulate exactly 11 points wins.


  • Three cones are placed in a straight line – roughly 2-3 feet apart from each other.
  • Place a polyspot 3-5 feet away from the first cone.
  • Set a hula hoop down beside the polyspot.

The first person stands on the polyspot with the hoop. The tosser casts the hoop so that it lands over a cone to collect points. The second person stands by the cone to validate the score and retrieve the hoop for the tosser. After three games, switch partners to begin a new competition.

WOW Words of Wisdom
For your older students, try this – In cases where both players score 11 points, have a “Sudden Winner” playoff where the players try to ring the “3 Point Cone.”

Here is a variation of this tossing game using deck tennis rings and a chair. Place the chair upside down. The two players take turns tossing deck tennis rings at the chair legs to score points.

  • Place the polyspot 3-5 feet from the chair.
  • The first person stands on polyspot and tosses the ring onto one of the chair legs.
  • A ringer is worth 100 points.
  • The second person stands by the chair to verify the score.
  • 1st game: Play to 500 points
    2nd game: Play to 1000 points
    3rd game: Play to 1200 points
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