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Colorful Plates

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Here is another activity originally designed for pre-school students that can be used for kindergarten to third grade as well.
By Kristine Fritz

This activity has been used successfully with students in grades pre-K through third grade. For example, our classroom teachers promote healthy eating via field trips to the local grocery store and follow up classroom activities. We then reinforce these concepts with a movement activity where they build a healthy meal practicing a variety of locomotor movements.

• 6 Milk jugs
• 6 polyspots
• 6 hoops
• 100+ clipped and laminated grocery store food advertisements of different fruits and vegetables.
• 6 sets of 2” x 2” laminated colored construction paper. (use colors that correspond with food items, for example: Broccoli = Green paper; apple = Red paper; carrot= orange paper; Bananas = yellow paper, etc.)


Class Set-Up
Place the polyspot, cups and plates as shown above. next, place a bowl containing colored cards (shopping list) and an empty milk jug inside the hoop. The laminated fruit and vegetables are randomly spread out beyond the hoops.


How To Play
Divide the class into small groups of 3-4 players who stand behind the polyspots. The teacher instructs the class to move to the store (hoop area) by means of a designated locomotor task. all students must go together, as a team. Once at the store, one member picks up the hoop (shopping cart) and prepares to drive it carefully around the store. Another student picks up a color card from the bowl (shopping list) and the whole group goes off and shops, dropping fruit and vegetable items of the same card color into the cart for a designated time. Yes, the cards will fall out of the hoop and can then be used by another group at the same time.

Upon the teacher’s “stop” signal, the class goes back to the start line and the color card is placed on the plate to begin making a colorful plate. Next time through, the students change roles, get a new colored card, and shop some more. When the round is over, they return with the card to continue building a colorful plate.

Once the last card is on the plate, they go back to the store for milk and must carry it cooperatively as a group and pretend to pour it into the cup to complete the healthy meal. Upon finishing the activity, we have a short discussion on why we need food of different colors and talk about some of the foods that they may not recognize.

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