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Chip In


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  • Hula Hoops
  • Polyspots
  • Poker Chips

Divide the class into partners. Provide three polyspots, a hoop, and poker chips to each set of partners. The partners set-up the game by placing a hula hoop on the floor 3-5 feet away from the two polyspots, with a polyspot in the center of the hoop.


  • Each student has five poker chips.
  • Player A tosses a poker chip as to land on the polyspot inside the hula hoop.
  • Both students alternate turns, trying to get their chips to land on the target.
  • After both players finish flicking their five poker chips, they walk to the hula hoop to tally up the points.
  • Any poker chip on (or partially on) the polyspot is considered a “bulls-eye” and is worth 10 points.
  • Poker chips that land in the hula hoop, but not on the polyspot, are worth 5 points.


  • In the case of a tie, have the students play a game of “paper, rock, scissors” for the win.
  • Try introducing multiple polyspots into the hula hoop.
  • Place a different point value on each polyspot.
  • If possible, substitute inflatable swim rings for hula hoops. The swim rings are great for containing the poker chips.
  • Additionally, poker chips can be substituted with pennies.
  • Spray paint the pennies so that you have a set of blue and red chips for this activity. In a few minutes you can create your own “chips” at home!
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