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Chicken Dance… Again

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Here are two variations to the classic Chicken Dance.  
Submitted by Joel Dagenhart and Cheryl Matthews from Statesville, North Carolina.  K-4


Background: A few years ago, we went to a workshop where the presenter used the Chicken Dance as an ice breaker. We did the typical “cheeps, flaps, wiggle, and claps,” but during the chorus where the partners usually did a right- and left-hand star, he substituted high-fives, handshakes, and high-tens. Here are two more variations that we have used successfully with our K-5 students.

Chicken Dance Warm-Up: In this variation, the students perform the typical cheeps, flaps, wiggles, and claps. During the chorus, we do jumping jacks, line jumps, or running in place. Our kids think this is a fun way to warm-up and work on their cardiovascular endurance at the same time. You can use most any series of exercises with this activity.

Chicken Dance Tag: In this variation, you”™ll need four rubber chickens. Four students are selected to be “it.” They will be identified by holding the rubber chickens. When the music starts, a normal game of tag begins. Please stress safety when running and tagging!

When a student is tagged, they are not eliminated, but simply go to the designated “chicken coop” to do the Chicken Dance to the music. During the chorus, they return to the game. This is our most often requested game to end a class!

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