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Chicken Ball


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A student-made game for grades 5-8.  
Submitted by Scott Lustig, Estacada, Oregon.


Equipment: 8 hula hoops, 2 gatorskin balls, 4 rubber chickens, 2 tumbling mats, and jerseys.

Basic Rules: Three of my sixth grade students, Jacob Nelke, Nick Best, and Jordan Bilyeu, created this activity. The game is played similar to “Capture the Flag.” One team is on each side of the center line. There are two safety hoops and two hoops with chickens in them on each half of the gym. When a player from one team runs to the opposite side, any player from the opposing team can tag him. If tagged, the player goes to jail (a tumbling mat). A player may get out of jail only when a safe team member runs to him. This may be done by one or more players. Both players are safe from being tagged on the return trip.

Hoops: Any number of players can be in the safety hoops. All hoops may have only one guard. The hoops with chickens are not safety hoops.

Scoring: In order to win, a player must carry a chicken and their team’s ball back across the center line. The ball and/or the chicken may be thrown to another player, but both must be carried by one player across the line to score.

Example: A player from Team A is in the opponents’ safety hoop with the ball. His teammate could get the chicken and throw it to him. This player could now run across the center line for the win. Or the player could throw the ball to a teammate who has the chicken. Or he could run and get the chicken himself and run across and score.

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