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Catch and Change


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A cooperative throwing/catching games for grades K-3.  
Submitted by Pat Fisher, Middletown, Maryland.


We have used this activity as a cooperative catching game!

10 – 16 soft foam balls

Two teams divided by a center line. This can be played outside on a basketball court or on a grass playing field.

How to Play: This is a great game for practicing throwing and catching skills. Each team stands on one side of the court and the foam balls are divided between both teams.

On your signal, the players with the balls throw them high in the air to the other side of the court. Each time a ball is caught, the two players (the thrower and the catcher) change sides. The thrower goes to the catcher’s side of the court and the catcher goes to the thrower’s side of the court.

Challenge the students to throw the balls far and high into the other side of the court using an overhand throwing pattern. How far can you throw the ball?

How high can you throw the ball and still get it to land in the other side of the playing area?

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