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Capture The Kickball

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A fun, fitness-oriented variation on classic kickball


To be the team at the end of the game with the most runs scored.

An eighth grade student designed this game by himself. This is a kickball game with two teams involved. The team up to kick is trying to score as many runs as they can each inning. This game is played indoors, and the kicking team is allowed to kick the ball anywhere they want. Once on 2nd or 3rd base, the base runner has a choice to “capture” a flag or continue around the bases toward home.

On the kick, they are allowed to run off the base and try to retrieve one of the four flags. If this choice is made by the base runner, they are no longer safe on a base and must run to home plate without being tagged by the ball – the ball is not thrown at the runner. They are allowed to run anywhere in the gym to avoid being tagged (no base path). If they are successful in making it home, they have scored 3 runs for their team and that flag is out until the switch in the inning. If they are unsuccessful, an “out” is recorded and the flag is out until the switch in the inning. If all flags are gone during the inning, players run to the bases in normal order.

Each kicking team has the potential of scoring four flags. In order for teams to switch roles, four outs must be made by the defense. Outs are made by catching a kicked ball, a runner being tagged with the ball off base or a force out at the first base only.

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