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Captains and Pirates

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Here is another creative activity  that has a focus on cooperation, agility, and quick response.

Here’s a fun activity for your consideration! Divide the class into two groups – Pirates and Captains.

The Pirates are given a scooter (Queen Anne’s Revenge) and the Captains a hoop (USS Constitution). All of the players spread out in the playing area as shown, with the Pirates standing next to their scooters and the Captains standing inside the hoops. On the teacher’s command, the Pirates get on the scooters and move about the gym. The Captains hold onto the hoop and begin walking about the gym as well.

Ship Greetings: In this activity, there are certain ways to greet each other. For example, when a Pirate approaches another Pirate, both players will say “RRrr…” as they pass. If a Captain approaches another Captain, both will say “Aye, Aye Matey!” When a Pirate, approaches a Captain, he will say “RRrr!,” with the Captain replying “Aye, Aye Matey!” or vice versa.

This activity is progressive, with each round (2-3 minutes) using the rules from the previous one, and adding new rules as the activity continues.


  • On the teacher’s signal, players leave their ports and head “out to sea.” As they pass other Ships and/or Lighthouses, the players acknowledge each other with an “RRrrr…” or “Aye, Aye Matey!”

The teacher can request the Captains to move about the gym using other locomotor movements as well. Play for several minutes.


  • In Round Two, the Pirates are provided with “Cannon Balls” (foam balls) that may be rolled (not thrown) at other players.
  • If a Pirate is hit by a ball, the Pirate’s ship is sunk and caught in a “whirlpool.”
  • The Pirate on the sunken ship will quickly turn-spin around the scooter in a circle several times before continuing the activity.

If a Captain is hit by a cannon ball, the two players change places. In other words, the Captain is given the scooter and the Pirate is given the hoop.


  • If a Pirate is hit two times, they have to take the scooter into the “Harbor” for repairs.
  • The Harbor is a designated corner of the playing area marked by cones.

While in the Harbor, the players work to repair their vessel by completing a certain task (jumping rope, wall push-ups, etc.). When completed, the ship heads back out to the open waters.


  • In the final round, any Pirate or Captain that is hit twice moves “to the Shore.” The Shore is the area outside the basketball court boundaries.
  • After putting away the scooters and hoops, these players may pass any loose balls to nearby Pirates, across the Ocean to another Shore Player, or may roll the balls from behind the basketball court lines to hit a Pirate Ship.
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