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Bowler Ball

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This is a great dodgeball type game for upper elementary.  
Submitted by Heather Petrie, Vienna, Virginia.



  • One bowling pin for each student
  • 10-12 nerf balls
  • Four sheets of paper and four markers

How We Play It:

Bowler Ball offers a fun twist to regular dodgeball games. We use this game as a fun activity for our older elementary students. This game is played with each student having a bowling pin. The gym is divided into four sections and the nerf balls are placed along the center lines. Divide the class into four groups. Each group occupies one of the sections of the gym. Each player guards his or her pin, while trying to knock down any of the opponent’s pins by rolling the foam balls.

When a pin is knocked over by a rolled ball, the player knocking over the pin runs to his or her team’s scoreboard (a sheet of paper taped to the wall) and tallies a point. When this happens, a teammate can be asked to guard the pin. Once a pin is knocked down, it cannot be placed back up.

Stop the game when one team’s pins are all knocked down. After each game, rotate the teams to a new quadrant and begin a new game.

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