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Beachball Volleyball

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A volleyball lead-up game for grades 3-4.
Submitted by Kitty Greiner, DuBois, Pennsylvania.

Fourth and fifth graders really want to play volleyball, but usually have a hard time keeping the volleyball going. Try a game of Beachball Volleyball. The games are super!

Have 6-8 players per team. The rules are like regular volleyball, with the following exceptions:

  1. Students must hit the beachball at all times with two hands. Striking the ball with one hand will break it. Toss and hit the ball with two hands to serve.
  2. If the ball is successfully returned and hits the floor of the serving team, the opposing team scores a point. (Unlike regular volleyball)
  3. Whoever picks the “dead” ball up will toss and serve it.
  4. If your students have not been taught to rotate the service, simply use a front line and a back line. The players in the front line and back line will switch after 5 points are made.

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