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Basketball Snatchers

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A nice warm-up involving basketball dribbling.  
Submitted by Tina Fugate from Rockford, Illinois.


Background: Here’s an easy-to-do warm-up activity that reinforces good basketball dribbling skills.

Set-Up: Half the students have a basketball, the other half does not. The students with basketball (represented by O’s) dribble around the outside of the volleyball court but stay inside the basketball court lines. They dribble going counterclockwise.




Basketball Snatchers: The other students (represented by X’s) find a position inside the basketball court line and volleyball lines.  They can move sideways only (i.e., from side to side between the court lines) and cannot move forward or backward.

They are facing clockwise in the lanes. Their job is to try to knock the ball out of the dribblers hands.  If they succeed, they switch places with the dribbler. The object is to try to keep control of the ball while dodging the students trying to steal the basketballs.

Our kids love it! They are working at keeping their eyes up, dodging, guarding and all kinds of skills. I really had fun watching them being challenged. And they they don’t realize how long they are moving!

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