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Bag Tag

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Here’s an easy-to-do activity with a focus on dodging and fleeing skills.

Provide each student with a plastic shopping bag. The bag is flattened and tucked into the students’ pants as shown in the diagram. Students are scattered in the playing area.

On the teacher’s signal, all of the students begin trying to snatch the plastic shopping bag (flag) from other players. When a bag is pulled by another player, it is dropped to the floor as the game continues.
The player whose bag was pulled, will pick it up and move to a designated “Fitness Zone.” While at the “Fitness Zone,” the students select from a variety of exercises to perform:

  • Crab Push-Ups,
  • Bent Knee Push-Ups, or
  • Curl-Ups

After completing the designated exercise, the student may rejoin the game in progress.


  • Instead of one bag, have each student start with two bags. A student can remain in the game as long as he has at least one bag.
  • Encourage students not to hold onto their bags. As always, they should play with good sportmanship in mind.
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