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Arthur’s Treasure Hunt


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Here’s a neat game based of the PBS show “Arthur.”  
Submitted by Rose Kloeppinger from Washington, Missouri.  K-1


Background: This activity is based on the popular children’s PBS show “Arthur.” Our kindergarten class does an Arthur unit each year, so this game was designed to go along with the class’ activities.


- Pictures of the Arthur’s friends and main characters. For additional friends and other information see the wonderful PBS Kids website –
- 56 cones, polyspots, carpet squares (rocks)
- Different colored sheets of paper
- Copies of the six “Treasure maps”

Set-Up: Using the pictures of the Arthur characters found on page 35, reproduce two copies on different colored sheets of paper. It would be ideal if you had at least 6 different colored sheets. Laminate one set of colored sheets (for the six Treasure Maps) and cut out all of the individual Arthur characters and place them under the “rocks” (cones, polyspots, carpet squares).

Divide the class into six groups and provide each group with a different color laminated Treasure Map.


How We Play It: On the teacher’s signal, the first player in each line runs and selects one of the “rocks.” He lifts up the rock. If he finds a picture under it that is the corresponding team color (i.e., blue), he picks up the picture and the rock and takes them back to his team. If he finds someone else’s “treasure,” he “buries” it (replaces the polyspot) and returns to tag the next player in line. This continues until one team is able to find all of its “buried treasures” or when a certain time limit is reached. Score one point for each collected treasure.

Teacher Tips: (1) For added fun, have “bonus” pictures printed up on bright yellow (gold) paper. These can be collected by any team. (2) You can also have “wild” cards. For example, a team is able to collect any of the six Arthurs for points.


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