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Animal Control

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Capture animals with Hula Hoops.


  • Tape the pictures of animals on the cones and place the cones (scattered) in the center area of the gym.
  • Divide the class into 4-6 teams. Each team lines up around the scattered cones, 15-20 feet from the cones.
  • Each team has a 24-inch hoop to roll, and one 36-inch hoop to put their animals in (cones).


  • The first person on each team rolls the hoop (24″) towards the cones. If it falls around one of the animals (cones), the student takes the animal back with them.
  • The hoop is given to the next person in line and the cone is placed in the team’s hoop placed on the floor behind the team. If a student’s hoop does not trap an animal, he retrieves the hoop and gives it to the next person in line.
  • After about 3 minutes, the teams rotate to a new “Home” (polyspot) to start another round.

Here’s the scoring system we use:

  • Squirrels – 2 points
  • Raccoons – 3 points
  • Snakes – 4 points
  • Skunks – 5 points
  • Armidillos – 6 points
  • Bobcats – 8 points
  • Alligators – 10 points


  • When the game is over, count the points and put the cones back in the center of the gym.
  • If possible, have one color hula hoop for each team, with a matching color polyspot for them to stand behind.
  • Put a piece of tape or a polyspot under each cone so you know where to put the cones when starting a new game.
  • Use a dry erase board to display the animal names and how many points they are worth when caught.
  • Use more cones or animals; use different animals.
  • The pictures may be taped to Frisbees┬« instead of cones.

The following pages contain pictures that can be used for the game. (you may copy both images and print for class use.)

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