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Angry Birds

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Here’s a cool game based on the popular video game of Angry Birds!

Place the volleyball net in the center of the playing area. This represents the “Sling Shot” in the Angry Bird video game. The class is divided into two teams, each on opposite sides of the court. Place the balls under the net. Each team gets 18 hula hoops and three bowling pins.

On the teacher’s signal to start, both teams begin throwing the Angry Birds (balls) over the net to knock down the Pig Forts (hoop cage castles)and the Pigs (pins). Three players from each team are Guards and may protect the Pig Forts. We play multiple rounds of 2-3 minutes. The round is over when all three Pig Forts and Pigs have been knocked down. After each round, three new Guards are selected.

Building Pig Forts
Demonstrate and explain to students how to make a Pig Fort using six hoops. Six hula hoops of the same size are needed to make one Pig Fort. To make a Pig Fort:

  • Use one hoop for the bottom
  • The next two hoops go inside the bottom hoop (North/South leaning against each other).
  • The next two hoops go East/West, resting on the North/South hoops.
  • Place the last hoop on top and the Pig (pin) inside the hoop cage.

Instead of playing rounds, allow teams to set up Pig Forts and Pigs that have been knocked down. We use the rule that if a player sees the other team setting up a fort, they are not allowed to throw Angry Birds at that target.

Remind the students to be aware of the balls and either catch or block them. 

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