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Anatomy Tag

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Here’s a fun, educational tag game for grades K-8.  
Submitted by Hollie Brock, Greenwood, South Carolina.  


Background: Many students do not realize that there are many benefits from developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially in the area of cardiovascular fitness. “Anatomy Tag” is a great activity to use for elementary and middle school students. Students learn the names of the muscles and concepts, reinforcing the importance of a healthy heart.

- Chalkboard and chalk
- Chart showing the muscles of the body

How We Play It: Anatomy Tag is similar to regular tag. During this activity one student is designated as the �Heart� or the tagger. This student must tag or touch one of the other students on the muscle that the teacher calls out. To get free after being tagged, students have to go to the board and write the name of the muscle they were tagged on and list one exercise that can be performed in order to strengthen or stretch that muscle.

At the end of this activity, the teacher should take the opportunity to go over correct spelling and use an anatomy chart to point out the location of the muscles that were written. The teacher adds new muscles each day this activity is used. The teacher tells the students during their daily stretching routine which exercises are used to stretch which muscles.

The students are reminded the “Heart” was in control of the game and the heart is also responsible for providing all the other muscles in the body with oxygenated blood at rest and during exercise. This reinforces the importance of a healthy heart to the students.

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