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Here are a variety of fun jumping and landing challenges that we have used with our younger elementary students with great success over the years.

Have your students scattered in the playing area. The teacher asks the students to do the following 14 jumping challenges as a general warm-up activity.


1. Jump forward on both feet and:
- Land on both feet?
- Land with your feet spread sideways?

2. Jump with feet spread apart and:
- Land on both feet together?

3. Jump sideways on both feet and:
- Land with feet spread as in walking?
- Land on two feet?

4. Jump high on both feet and:
- Land on both feet?
- Land on your toes?
- Land on your heels?

5. Jump from one foot and:
- Land on both feet?

6. Jump foward and backward 10 times? Jump to the right and then the left 10 times?

7. Jump high and:
- Land in a full squat with hands on the floor?
- Land in a lunge position?

8. Jump and bring your knees up to your chest?

9. Jump and turn:
- 90o, 180o, 270o, 360o?

10. Jump and click your heels together? Jump and click your heels while jumping side-to-side?â€

11. Jump and slap your knees with your hands?

12. Jump and slap your toes with your hands?

13. Jump and slap your heels with your hands?

14. Jump and kick your bottom with your heels?
- Land on both feet

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