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Aerobic Poker

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An exciting fitness idea for grades 3-12.  
Submitted by Angie Cyr, Stillwater, Oklahoma.


Aerobic Poker is another fun fitness activity that uses playing cards to motivate the students to pursue fitness!


  • 14 cards from a deck. 13 cards plus a joker card.
  • Cones, jump ropes, scooter boards, and other available equipment.
  • One bucket or suitable container for each group
  • One copy of the “Aerobic Poker Card Chart” for each group

Description: We divide the class into five groups. Each group receives 14 cards and a bucket.

The first person in the group shuffles and deals the cards face down to every person in the group. After each person has his or her card, they turn it over to see which card they have.

The students check to see what activity corresponds to their card. Each student performs the activity and then meets with their group at the bucket.

All of the cards are placed in the bucket and the group continues by having the second person shuffle and deal the cards for another round.

Other Skills: You can also explore using the cards with basketball, soccer, jump rope, or other appropriate skills. For example, a series of basketball skills can be developed on the Card Chart. Students could work on dribbling, shooting, partner passing, and other related skills.

Aerobic Poker Card Chart

ACE – Jog 2 laps around the cones

KING – 10 line push-ups

QUEEN – 15 single bounces with a jump rope

JACK – 15 crunches on the mats

TEN – 10 basic steps on a step-aerobic bench

NINE – Skip 2 laps around the cones

EIGHT – 10 crab push ups

SEVEN – Use the scooter board to complete one lap around the cones

SIX – 20 travel steps on the step-aerobic bench

FIVE – Line jumping 20 times (side to side or front-back)

FOUR – 20 double bounces with a jump rope

THREE – Climb the rope and ring the bell

TWO – Crab walk one lap around cones

JOKER – Free choice

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