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ABC Treasure Hunt

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This activity idea integrates grade level spelling words into a quick physical education activity.

- 8-10 cones
- Polyspots or paper plates with one letter of alphabet on one side.
- Strips of paper with individual spelling words written on them.
- Small bucket (Spelling Bucket)

The students are divided into 5-6 groups and line up behind their cone at one end of gym. Scatter the paper plates at other end of the gym, letters facing down.

HOW WE DO IT Each team selects one strip of paper with a written spelling word from the Spelling Bucket. This is the word their team must spell. On the teacher’s signal, the first student in line runs, selects a plate and returns with it to their group. If the letter is one needed for their word, it is kept.
Letters that cannot be used are returned (face down) by the next player when he selects a new letter. The relay continues until each team has successfully spelled their word. Once the teams have finished, new spelling words are drawn for the next relay.

W.O.W. Here is another variation to consider. We modify the original activity and have the students continue until all of the plates are gone. Then each group is given a complete spelling list to see how many words they can spell with their letters.

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