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A Merry Fitness Tree

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A fun upper body fitness incentive for grades K-5.  
Submitted by Sandy Kennedy, Sykesville, Maryland.


BACKGROUND: At our school, when rope climbing is in “full swing,” we have a lot of “monkeys” around! We have a huge paper “Fitness Tree” that is taped to one of our walls in the gym. When we do our station work, the group at the climbing ropes can “try out” for the Monkey Club.

If a student is able to climb to the top of the rope, he or she is given a paper monkey. The student signs his or her name on the monkey and tapes it to the Fitness Tree. Students joining the Monkey Club also get a small certificate. For example:

Going half-way up the rope gets the student’s name on a banana.
Going three-fourths the way up the rope earns a snake.
Hanging on the rope for three seconds with both feet off the floor earns a small leaf.
New members of the school’s Monkey Club are announced on our morning program.

Everyone seems to remember from year-to-year how well they did during our climbing unit. The students seem to really go “ape” over this program. All of the students enjoy seeing their names on the tree trimmers!

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