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A Game for All Seasons

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A fun twist on a children’s favorite – “Steal the Bacon” – that can be used throuhout the school year with your K-3 students.  
Submitted by Jamie Hofmeier, Salina, Kansas.


One of my students’ favorite games is “Steal the Bacon.” We usually learn the basic game in the Fall and then play the variations throughout the year.

Equipment: One piece of cloth, a bean bag, deck ring, or any other object.

To Play: Use two teams, 30′-40′ apart and facing each other. Each of the teams numbers off on each side. Make sure you start numbering from opposite ends of the line. If you have an odd number of students, give one student two numbers.

The teacher calls out a number. Those players with that number run to the middle and try to steal the “bacon” by grabbing it before the other player and then running back to their place without being tagged by the other player. If the player is tagged before getting home, no point is awarded. If the runner gets back home safely, a point is scored for that team. We seldom keep score, as the students have so much fun without it.


Guess the Christmas Present: Wrap a medium size box in heavy paper. This “gift” replaces the cloth bacon. The box must be lifted from the ground before tagging can count. The bigger the box, the more fun we have. You can also use a smaller box, call for numbers, and allow passing to other teammates. We always find time at the end of the day to guess the contents of the box and unwrap the package!

Number Questions: Instead of calling out the numbers, try these number questions and get the students with that number try to steal the “bacon.”

How many bases in baseball?

How many strikes in an out?

How many outfielders?

How many bowling pins are there?

How many fouls per player in basketball?

How many spiders frightened Miss Muffett away?

How many sisters did Cinderella have?

How many dwarfs in Snow White?

How many pigs was the Big Bad Wolf after?

What rhymes with “ton”?

What rhymes with “fix”?

What numbers begin with a ‘t”?

Counting in a foreign language – German, Spanish, French

Use sign language

In the song, “12 Days of Christmas,” how many golden rings were there?

I hope you enjoy this game for any season or reason!

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