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4th and 10


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Cones to mark boundaries
Football flags

Set-Up: We use a 10-yard by 10-yard playing area for every four students. Divide class into groups of three or four players. Assign each group to a playing area. One player is the defender, one player is the center, and one player is the quarterback. If you have four players per group, the fourth player is the referee.

How We Play It: The object of this game is to see how many first downs a student can make when he is the quarterback. The center hikes the ball to the quarterback as the quarterback tries to run for a first down.

The defender is 5 yards off the line of scrimmage and will attempt to remove one flag from the quarterback after the ball is hiked. The center hikes the ball and then tries to block the defensive player. The Quarterback is allowed only one play to gain 10 yards by running the ball to the endline. No passing is allowed.

The referee may throw his own flag on a penalty (i.e., holding by the center). All penalties are 5 yards. All players, including referees, rotate positions and continue.

Variations: There are a variety of other ways to modify this activity. Here are a few: 1.) the endlines represent opposing goal lines with the offense able to score a touchdown and defense able to get a safety, 2.) play three-on-two and allow running or passing, 3.) allow running or passing any time and/or any direction during the one play.

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The Lighter Side of Physical Education

Background: As physical education teachers, we all have our share of funny happenings. Here are a few cute incidents that have happened to me.

“Pause” - While playing a very active running game, one little boy stopped abruptly. He did not move a muscle. He stopped right in the middle of the floor in the middle of the game. Curious, I asked why he had stopped. He turned to me and nonchalantly stated that he was on “Pause,” and then continued on his way.

“Turning On The Dark” – Toward the end of my dance unit, I turned off the gym lights and turn on some strobe lights during the dancing of “YMCA” and other songs. When we were leaving the gym that day a little first grade boy turned to me and asked if I could “turn on the dark” again tomorrow.

“Bow Tie” – A second grade boy went home extremely excited about what they had done in our physical education class that day. He told his mother he wanted to get some tapes and do “Bow Tie” at home. The mother was confused and called us to find out what “Bow Tie” was. We had done Tae Bo with his class.

“The Gas Station” – When I play the game of Bumper Cars, we always have a play gas station. I use a cone for the pump and a jump rope for the hose. The students have to pretend to pay me for the gas before they leave the gas station. One little kindergarten boy looked at me and said he knew how it was done at a real gas station. So I asked him how?

He said, “First you put the gas in and then you go into the building and you come out with money!”

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