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4-Team Capture theTreasures


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A “Capture the Flag” type game submitted by Karen Grable from Akron, Ohio. 1-6

Background: This game was introduced to our school by a new student. It is similar to the game of “Capture the Flag.”

- Pinnies (Four different colors – one for each team)
- 4 Hoops and 4 mats (jails)
- Small treasures (bean bags, balls, etc.)

How We Play It: In this game there are four teams. Each team starts in a designated quarter of the gym as shown. Every team has the four treasures (ex: a beanbag, scarf, nerfball, tennis ball) placed in a hoop inside their quadrant. There is one treasure from each team in the hoops.

Each Team Has a Color: For example, Team #1 may have four blue beanbags, Team #2 has four red juggling scarves, Team #3 has four green nerfballs, and Team #4 has four yellow tennis balls.

General Rules: Here is the object of the game and our general rules -

- The object of the game is to get all of your treasures into your hoop without being tagged (captured).

- Once a player crosses into another team’s quadrant, they can be tagged. There is a jail to hold captured people, who can be freed by their teammates if they can get to the jail without being caught. They get free passage back to their home base.

- A team may steal any colored treasure to keep another team from winning. For example, a red team may take a blue team’s treasure if the blue team is close to winning.

Game Set-Up

Closing: Because each team is competing against three other teams, it takes a lot of teamwork and strategy to win.

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