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3 Lap Club


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Todd Severud from Cameron, Wisconsin submitted this fun cardiovascular game for grades 2-6.  

Most physical education teachers are concerned about enhancing the cardiovascular fitness levels of their students. At our school, we decided to incorporate a 1-minute run into our daily exercises and to use a motivational tool called the “3-Lap Club” every three weeks. The “3-Lap Club” is a fun running activity that we have found to be an easy-to-do motivational tool for enhancing cardiovascular fitness.

Background: Cones are set up on the inside corners of the basketball court. A starting line is established where the students get set to run. A stopwatch is started when the teacher says “Go.” Students have 1 minute to run around the cones three times (three laps). Students who complete this in under a minute are in the “3-Lap Club.”

It Really Works! Students who make the 3-Lap Club get to sign their names on a large chart. Doing this run every three weeks allows students to make it many times during the school year. Students who make the Club a second or third time have stars added to their names. After the third time, students get to put stickers next to their names.

You can modify this game to meet the circumstances of your facilities. This activity works well outdoors, and the distance and time can be altered according to the grade level. For example, sixth graders can be challenged to run a total distance of 300 yards, while second graders could complete three laps around the basketball court in the gym. We have run the “3-Lap Club” for years with a lot of success. Try it!

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